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Keno Straight Tickets

Of all of the different forms of keno tickets, the keno straight ticket is the most straightforward. The player simply chooses the numbers he wants to play and that is that. Normally, the player chooses a maximum of 15 numbers. However, particular casino guide give their players permission to select more-- sometimes as many as 40. Players should be aware that in such a situation they may find themselves paying more for the ticket with the prospect of a lower payout.

Playing with a Keno Straight Ticket

It is best to think of the keno straight ticket practice safe gaming in the same way as lotto. The amount of numbers needed to match up with the player's selected numbers in order to receive a payout is dependent on how many numbers the player picks. A player decides how much money he wishes to wager after he chooses how many numbers on the keno straight ticket he will play. With keno straight tickets, sports betting $5 on a $1 ticket will result in a payout five times the winnings. It must be noted that the winnings will most probably be capped at a certain limit due to the majority of casinos having a limit on how much they will pay out.

If a player reaches the limit and wants to go spend his winnings on something other than online keno, he can always try other casino games. The best keno odds lie between four and eight numbers so the majority of players played online usually play this amount of numbers when playing keno straight tickets.