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The Not-So-Common High Scoring Game Of Yatzy Brought To You By Bwin Casino!

The interesting world of Yatzy is filled with rolling dice and unending rounds. Considered to be a highly profitable game, it has once upon been a very popular game. Today, although, we don't see much of this game online, the excitement of playing the game online casino remains high as it has the capacity to draw players deep into its core.

The goal of the game online casino is to score the maximum points and obviously, the player who manages to do that first is the winner. Players have to score points in all the 15 categories on the score pad, they are given one turn for each category, which means each player gets 15 turns in total. Now, players are given the option to throw the dice thrice during each of their turns. This is only an option and not mandatory. Players will throw the dice twice or thrice only if they need to.

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Yatzy resides safe and secure best casino gaming in their skill game section and this section has been introduced recently. People love these light games where they can have lots of fun, as the games are not too complicated. If you haven't played Yatzy before, then you are going to find it very exciting.